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Vegetarian Mushroom Burger Recipe

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I haven’t had a beef burger in over 13 years and it’s been a little over a year and a half since I’ve had a turkey burger. I never crave the meat in a burger but I do crave the tasty combination of veggies, cheeses and mayo. A few years back, I tried the whole In-N-Out (the ONLY approved fast food for the hubs, once a month at most) grilled cheese route…fail! It made my tummy ache and was cold by the time I made back to my house which is less than a mile away. I was over it until about 4 months ago, when I had a nut burger at a local vegetarian restaurant. Talk about yummy! I love recreating food that makes me happy, so here is my take on a vegetarian burger. Yes, please!

{ Ingredients }

2 cups of thinly sliced baby bella or portabella mushrooms
2 burger buns (From a local baker if possible, the bun can make or break this recipe. So be picky!)
4 tomato slices
1 cup sprouts (bean, alfalfa, clover)
1/4 small onion
1/2 cup grated mozzarella (optional)
Vegan mayonnaise
Olive oil
Sea salt and pepper to taste


{ Directions }

  1. Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a skillet on medium- high heat.
  2. Add the mushrooms and onion. Reduce heat to medium and sauté until most of the juice from the mushrooms has evaporated. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Spread the mushrooms evenly in the skillet. Top with cheese, reduce heat to low and cover.
  4. Heat a skillet on medium heat. Brush both sides of your buns with olive oil and place in a skillet. Allow the bun to brown. This should take about 2 minutes. Flip over and brown the other side. Remove from the skillet. I like to use my electric skillet because I can brown both buns at the same time.
  5. Spread mayonnaise on both sides of the bun and add ketchup if desired.
  6. Add the mushrooms, sprouts and tomatoes (in this order).
  7. Ahhhhhh! Now stuff your face!

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By Denise Assagai

I work here, there and everywhere as a model but I live in California. I love to cook to the tune of 20+ meals per week (that's every meal of the day everyday of the week except Friday night which is date night) ! I workout 6 days a week. I love my husband more than sweets (pinky swear) and think cold cereal is for babies. ;)

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